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When relating Epics to Program Increments without WSJF will overwrite Initial Estimate in EI



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      Issue Summary

      Epics Initial Estimate have discrepancy data from UI and EI

      When relating Epics to Program Increments and setting Estimation for Program Increments before the synchronization with EI the Initial Estimate will not be saved in EI

      Table: [MAP Epic to Program Increment]
      When an Initial Estimate is added in the UI, a row will be added to the aforementioned table with FK Program Increment ID = 0
      When a Program Increment is related to the Epic in the UI, a row will be added to the aforementioned table with FK Program Increment ID = Program Increment ID

      If the Program Increment is related and the Estimation for them is added before the synchronization with EI, the Initial Estimate for the Epic will not be committed to EI.

      This is reproducible on Data Center: yes

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Epic without relating to any Program Increment
      2. Add an Initial Estimate to the Epic
      3. Relate Epic to Program Increment and add Estimation for Program Increments
      4. Wait for EI cycle to update data.

      Expected Results

      Initial Estimate to be committed to EI the same value as it was initially set in the UI.

      Actual Results

      The Initial Estimate value will not be committed to EI, and the Estimation for the Program Increments will.


      Wait for the first sync with EI and then relate the Epic to Program Increments and add the estimation for them


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