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Setting a Story to a PI in a Kanban Team displays the story twice in the Backlog



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      Issue Summary

      When using the Story Backlog for a KANBAN team and choosing to display  a current (or future) PI  and the Unassigned backlog. Their may be stories shown in the Unassigned Backlog 

      Dragging a story from the Unassigned backlog into the PI shows that the story is initially removed from, the Unassigned backlog (and the story details the PI is set) However if the backlog page is then refreshed the story will appear in both the PI and the Unassigned Backlog (probably because KANBAN stories don’t have sprints)

      The same issue of seeing the story in both Unassigned Backlog and a PI is seen if the PI is manually set in the details of the story (instead of dragging in the backlog)

      Note: Similar steps taken with a Story in a Scrum Team do not show the same issue

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create one or more stories with no PI set but in a Kanban Team in Jira Align
      2. Go to Team > Backlog
      3. Make sure the Configuration Bar filter is set to the Kanban Team and in the selected Program Increment Box, chose both Unassigned Backlog and a PI
      4. Drag the story from Unassigned Backlog into the PI
      5. Then refresh the screen

      Expected Results

      Story will only be listed in the specified PI (and not also in the Unassigned Backlog)

      Actual Results

      Story is listed in both the specified PI and in the Unassigned Backlog


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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