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A features list cannot be filtered or sorted against an MMF value of 'Not Set'



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      Issue Summary

      Jira Align does not allow a list of features to either be filtered or sorted when the MMF field is displaying Not Set in the details of the feature. In comparison the Priority field of features does let you sort the column view of the list to show entries where the Priority is blank

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create 3 features: one with MMF set to Yes, one with MMF set to No and one where the MMF field was not changed when first saving the feature
      2. Check the details panel of the feature where the MMF was not specifically set and the MMF field will display 'Not Set'
      3. In the features list try to create a filkter for MMF = Not set - it is not available as a choice
      4. In the features list create a Filter for MMF = No and the results will show the feature set to No and the features displaying Not Set
      5. Remove the filter and then add the MMF column to the features list, the features displaying Not Set will shows as No in the list (so sorting the column does not work)
      6. If the same steps are repeated but using Priority instead of MMF, then there is still no Filter for Not Set, BUT the column view shows blanks for Not Set and can be then be sorted 

      Expected Results

      There should either be a filter for Not Set (as that value is displayed in the details of the feature) or the column view should show blank in the MMF field for Not set (as is seen for the the Priority field) 

      Actual Results

      There is no filter for Not Set when choosing the MMF field and No is displayed in the MMF column for all features that display as either No or Not Set in the details panel of the affected feature


      There is no GUI workaround however an API call can be used to provide a list of Features where MMF equals nulll

      • Uses the /rest/align/api/2/Features endpoint
      • Uses a filter of mmf eq null  



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