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Deleting a Sprint from a Jira Integrated team causes a Sprint Name already exists error



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      Issue Summary

      In a Jira integrated configuration where  Jira Settings > Synchronize sprint names from Jira is set to Yes, if a sprint is deleted/removed from the Jira Align Team but still exists in Jira (and has not been renamed in Jira) , then the Jira Connector will create a new sprint in Jira Align and link it to the Team. This new sprint will have the same name but a new numeric ID. 

      If an attempt is  then made to edit the settings of this new sprint (such as the text of the goal) when clicking Save, the red banner for Sprint name already exists will pop-up

      Steps to Reproduce

      Note: all images from our test lab

      1. Make sure Jira Settings > Synchronize sprint names from Jira is set to Yes
      2. Sync a Jira board to Align with multiple sprint mappings ( not sure if this is necessary, but I also made sure each sprint had at least one story in Jira)
      3. Take note of one of the mapped sprint names (and the numeric ID for that sprint)
      4. Go to the Team itself and from the Team Details, Sprints tab delete that sprint
      5. Do a manual Sync Board Now, followed by a manual Resync Future Sprints (just a manual sync board now was not enough)
      6. A sprint will have been created with the same name seen in Step 3 - BUT it will have a different numeric ID
      7. In the details of the new  sprint, make a change to the text in the Goals field and try and save the change - the red pop up for Sprint Name already exists will be seen. Note: you can change the description as this saves to the sprint without having to click the Save (or Save + Close buttons)
      8. Try to find the sprint with the ID noted in Step 3 in the Jira Align GUI (Sprint List or Global Search) and you will not be able to find it, even searching by the name of the sprint will only show the version with the new ID, and not the one with the original ID that is causing the error.
      9. The Audit log for team shows the removal of the sprint from the team. (but does not record the numeric ID in the entry, and later entries for the same sprint name also don't show the ID  making it difficult to realize that two different sprints are being recorded against in the logs) - example log entry from our test lab
        By Colin Weaver on 19/01/2023 09:32:49
        Team Updated -1 Sprint(s) Removed: ACW-Accept Team - AR Sprint.18


      Expected Results

      When removing a spring form a team, it should not cause a conflict if the name of the sprint is reused by the Jira Connector 

      Actual Results

      The red banner error of Sprint name already exists is seen when saving on any attempt to amend a connector created sprint. The deleted sprint causing the conflict cannot be found anywhere in the Jira Align UI.

      Note: a support engineer with DB access confirmed that the deletion of the sprint is setting both ReleaseID and Team ID to zero (in tblIteration) , but then the following connector resync is setting the release ID to  a non-zero numeric value (but leaving the Team ID on 0  )


      Change the name of the sprint by one character in Jira and then allow the resync to take place so that the name of the sprint in Jira Align is different.


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