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Dependency: error 500 is thrown when rejecting a Dependency to a Program without Committed Date


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      Issue Summary

      When a Dependency that depends on a Program is rejected, if the Committed By by is not set (at the moment of entering the "No Work / Rejected Reason:"), a Server.500 error is thrown.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Dependency from a Program/Agile Team, to a Program
      2. Set a Sprint as Needed By
      3. When everything is done, click on the Reject Button.
      4. Now fill in the "No Work / Rejected Reason:" and try to save (leave the "Committed By" blank)

      Expected Results

      No errors would appear

      Actual Results

      A Server 500 is thrown


      Fill the "Committed By" with a Sprint, before entering the "No Work / Rejected Reason:" and saving.

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