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Program Increments page/grid is no longer visible/accessible


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      Issue Summary

      Customer(s) reported that some roles including "Super Admin" users are not able to view Program Increments page under side menu bar. Program Increments grid is not visible for all Super Admin users.

      There is not any configuration changed done. Related toggle is enabled.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login to JA portal with a user has super admin role
      2. Verify the "Program Increments" toggle(s) are enabled
      3. Go to Program -> Manage
      4. Confirm that Program Increments is visible

      Expected Results

      View/Access to Program Increments

      Actual Results

      Program Increments Page/grid is not visible.


      • Disable all Program Increment Toggle for "super admin" role (Under Roles, select Super admin Program->Manage-> Program Increment)
      • Log out from the Jira Align portal
      • Log in back and enable all Program Increment Toggle for "super admin" role
      • Log out and Login back ones more
      • Check the side menu bar.

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