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Renaming a persona or role in Epic Personas results in a duplicate name/role.


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    • Add a duplicate entry validation to edited names and roles of personas.

      Issue Summary

      When modifying an existing Epic Persona, users can bypass the duplicate name validation of names and roles and rename an existing persona to an exact match of an existing user. This can cause ETL to fail in Enterprise Insights due to primary key duplication issues.

      This is reproducible on Data Center: Yes

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Open Personas
      2. Open an existing persona with a unique name/role.
      3. Edit Persona's name or role to an exact duplicate to a different existing persona.
      4. Save the change.

      Expected Results

      An error identical to the error received when creating a new persona with a duplicate name/role tittle is created.

      Actual Results

      Name is saved and duplicate name/role data is committed to database, which causes primary key duplication issues with Enterprise Insights.


      If a user has committed a save with duplicate value, they can rename the duplicate entry in the user interface, then a manual truncate on that table needs to be run followed by manually launching the ETL job to restore Enterprise Insights functionality.

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