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Centralized calculations: Team cost is not re-snapshotted if user was previously deleted from the iteration



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      Issue Summary

      Team cost re-snapshot functionality doesn't works for users that were previously deleted.
      *Note: *the same type of issue occurs upon automatical update of allocations (e.g. user is assigned to 2 iterations that running in parallel and his allocation is automatically updated to be 50% for sprint 1 after adding user to the second iteration)

      Steps to Reproduce


      • Portfolio #1/Program #1/Team #1 are created
      • Release #1 is created and have at least 1 anchor sprint in the past dates (Team #1 sprint is generated)
      • Release Blended rate is set, sprint allocations are set for team members
      • Jira Connector is up and running (Jira Project #1 is mapped to Program #1, Jira Board #1 is mapped to Team #1, Sprints mapping is configured)
      • Story #1 is created in Jira and synced to JA
      • User #1 is created, assigned to Story #1 in Jira -> is synced to the team BEFORE sprint end date

      Steps to recreate the issue

      • Go to JA and remove User #1 from sprint
      • Complete sprint by the date -> run a snapshot
      • Go to Jira and update the story (e.g. edit it's title)
      • Wait for Jira sync -> run a snapshot -> observe team cost in db

      Expected Results

      Team cost re-snapshot functionality accounts for users that were previously deleted

      Actual Results

      Team cost re-snapshot functionality doesn't account for users that were previously deleted


      As a workaround, team Scrum Masters should adjust Team Member Allocations when changes that may impact snapshotted Financials calculations are done. It is expected that a Scrum Master or Team Coach will make adjustments to member work as those changes occur.


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