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Roadmap: No filter in tier1 allows users to view all themes ignoring the team membership


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      Issue Summary

      In the roadmap, users can see themes from a portfolio that they have no permission (that they do not belong).

      Steps to Reproduce

      Prerequisites: Jira Align environment with 2 portfolios, each with at least 1 theme created

      1. Find/create a user (not super admin) who can see the roadmap and themes
      2. Set the user to have permission for 1 portfolio only
      3. Login as the user
      4. Reset all filters on the top/tier1 configuration
      5. Open the roadmap
      6. Select 'Work > Themes'
      7. Select 'Month by Quarter'

      Expected Results

      The user can see only the themes from the portfolio he/she is a member of.
      (Same experience as the themes grid or the backlog view).

      Actual Results

      The user can see all themes from both/all portfolios.


      To workaround, this behavior you should make sure to select a program in the tier1 configuration.

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