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Story Impediments allow Team association without saved changes.


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      Issue Summary

      Switching the Radio button of a Story Impediment to Team and adding a Team to the new Team field is a stored but undocumented change even if the Radio button is set back to Story.
      This allows team associations to stick and can cause the Impediment to show for Teams that are not actually associated.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Story Impediment
      2. Open Impediment slide-out and switch to Team Impediment radio toggle (do not save yet)
      3. Populate a Team in the Team field (still no saving)
      4. Switch the Radio button back to Story and Save.
      5. Check Program Room and see that the Impediment is listed for the Team that was added, despite the Team add not being saved.

      To Undo:

      1. Return to the Impediment slide-out
      2. Set the Radio button back to Team and delete the Team association or swap to a correctly associated team
      3. Swap back to Story radio button and save.

      Expected Results

      1. While a Story Impediment, no Team should be associated via the Team field of the Team Impediment radio button.
      2. Logs are created in audit that a Team was added to the Impediment if that change is being stored.

        Actual Results

        Team association is hidden from logs and not clear in Program Rooms.


      Delete the Team filed under the Team radio box or assign to a correct team.

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