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Release (Program Increment): Character length field validation limits the number of Programs that can be added to the Release


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      Issue Summary

      A Release (Program Increment) has a multi-select field called "Programs" on the 2nd tab
      This field is throwing an error when there is a large number of Programs and won't save changes made to the Release.

      Error: Program: Text length exceeded - 3000 Characters

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to ProjectGrid.asp
      2. Choose a Release
      3. Add a large number of Programs (example was 612 Programs)
      4. Save
      5. Add 1 more

      Expected Results

      Would Save

      Actual Results


      1. Duplicate Release (Program Increment) and use for other Programs.
      2. Or use API to add Program IDs and make other changes to the Release - however any changes made through the UX will not save

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