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Unable to identify users with same Full Name



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      Issue Summary

      In any work item like Stories, if more than one user has the same full name then there is no way to identify which user is it that has been assigned in the assigned field.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go Stories
      2. Select any Story from the Stories grid
      3. Click on the Assigned field to assign a User
      4. If the story is already mapped to "Test User" with email id "test1@xxx.com", now we want to change to "Test User" with email id "test2@xxx.com"
      5. But while we search for "Test User", we see both the "Test User" listing in drop down but not sure which belongs to "test2@xxx.com"

      Scenario 2:

      Even in Augit logs on JA UI and API, we do not see a way to identify the assigned User.

      "id": ******,
      "reqId": "****",
      "userId": "******",
      "auditActivityId": 2,
      "auditTimeStamp": "2022-11-17T11:44:25Z",
      "details": "Story Updated - <ul style=\"list-style-type:disc\"><li><font style=\"font-family: Arial;font-size: 8pt;color: #626262;\">Updated : </font><a href=\"https://alignsupport.jiraalign.com/Login?EmailClickType=2&ID=114739\" target=\"_blank\"><font style=\"font-family: Arial;font-weight: bold;font-size: 8pt;color: #3B73B9;\">Mangala Test Story ProcessStep1 </font></a></li><li><font class=\"fields\">Owner Changed</font> - From [<font class=\"values\"></font>] To [<font class=\"values\">MangalaTest User</font>]</li></ul>",
      "auditType": "Story",
      "realUserUid": null,
      "wmsconnectorId": null,
      "updatedBySystem": null

      Expected Results

      We can have the User's email id or UserID visible along with the Full Name, this makes it easy to identify the User quickly.

      Actual Results

      We see both Users with the same Full Name and are unable to decide on the correct user to select.


      We now have to save the Users with unique Full names to identify the user in the Assigned field search.


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