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Program Increment Scope report: state not updated for features moved to recycle bin



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      Issue Summary

      • for work items like features moved to another Program Increment or Program, the report shows the current state. When the canceled work items in Jira are moved to recycle bin in Jira Align, they show up with their last state in the report. It is not visible, why they had been removed from Program Increment. 
      • Status showed in the report like “In Progress” of already removed items in the recycle bin is misleading information. 
      • Though we know that this happens because the state of the work item is not changed when moved to recycle bin, however, it should have a flag to identify that it is in recycle bin and this flag can be used to show a different status(like deleted or in recycle bin for example) when viewing the report.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Feature(Jira Epics) and map it to Program Increment-A
      2. Let the state of the Feature be anything like "In Progress/Accepted/Pending Approval"
      3. Open the Feature and on the right content, click "show more"
      4. Select "Delete" to move the feature to Recycle Bin.
      5. Now to go "Reports" and open "Program Increment Scope report". Select the Program and Program increment the feature was mapped.
      6. We can see that Feature under "Jira Epics removed from the Program or Program Increment after it began" section with the last state in the report.

      Expected Results

      • Instead of showing "In Progress" or other states for deleted items, maybe " recycled/deleted" should be the state in this scenario.

      Actual Results

      • work item is showed with their last state in the report.


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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