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Planning Poker: Story list jumps and nothing happens when we click on a story for non-Super Admin


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      Issue Summary

      When using planning poker for estimation games, the stories list keeps scrolling back to the beginning. When we click on the stories nothing happens for a non-Super Admin.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login to Jira Align as a non-Super Admin.
      2. Navigate to Teams -> estimation.
      3. Click on Level of Effort Poker.
      4. Select Program Increment, Program, Team, and Sprint. 
      5. Select all stories in the dropdown. 
      6. Click on Play Using Stories
      7. Start scrolling through the stories.

      Expected Results

      The users should be able to scroll down the stories to look at all the records. They should also be able to click on any story to load the story in the game. 

      Actual Results

      The stories keep jumping back to the initial record when we scroll down. We cannot click on the stories in the list.


      As a workaround, this game can be managed by a Super Admin for clicking a story but there is no workaround for story jumping.

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