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Not able to add certain stories to the specific kanban board


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      Issue Summary

      Not able to add certain stories to the specific kanban board 

      • Client is not able to add certain stories to the specific kanban board in Jira Align.
      • These stories are listed as existing on another board, however, they do not exist on any other Kanban Board.
      • The story page for these stories shows the option for "Kanban Board: Add to Board".
      • Clicking on the link "Kanban Board: Add to Board" returns 500 error.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. On the affected stories, click on the story to bring out its details window.
      2. Click "Kanban Board: Add to Board" inside the details window. The popup window will appear but a "500 -Internal server error" is thrown in the pop up window.
      3. Navigate to the specific Kanban Board view: Kanban Boards > View > click on the Specific Kanban Board column 3 horizontal bar > Mass Add or Remove >  Story. Hovering over Select All next to the Story shows "This story has already been added to another board". See the attached screenshot.

      Expected Results

      Should be able to add the story to the kanban board

      Actual Results

      The below exception was seen in the splunk:

      { [-]
         ASP_function: Error.asp
         ErrorId: 2207
         PageName: Stories
         correlationid: 1dMhRzTLm+JR5OtE3PuDmkh2i8l5zCaDjRWvWdnYHiQ=
         customer_db: xxxxxx
         error_category: Microsoft VBScript runtime 
         error_column: -1
         error_description: Object required: 'obj'
         error_file: /OOFunctionsSql.asp
         error_line: 248
         error_number: -2146827864
         log_type: exception
         logfrom_location: Website-ASP
         timestamp: 2022-08-17T11:40:52.113000-04:00
         url: https://xxxxxxxx.jiraalign.com:443/QuickAddBoard.asp
         urlverb: GET
         user: xxxxxxxxx


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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