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Snapshots disappear from list when modifying a Goal in the new UI


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      Issue Summary

      Yes, this is reproducible.  Just a visual bug, no data is actually changed or lost.  

      Note, this only seems to happen on 10.112.2 while using the new UI

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. With the new UI enabled, go to the Strategy Room and select a snapshot from the top menu dropdown
      2. Scroll down to the OKR tree and select an outcome/goal from the list.  Make sure that this Goal has multiple snapshots associated with it, in addition to the one selected in step 1.
      3. Make a small change to the goal, such as adding a period to the description, and click save.

      Expected Results

      The edit would be saved and nothing else would change.

      Actual Results

      With the exception of the snapshot selected on the base Strategy Room page, all other snapshots have disappeared from the snapshot list for the selected goal.  

      It appears to be a visual bug only.  If you close the Goal and re-open it, all of the snapshots show up again.


      No known workaround at this time

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