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Features/Epics may be showing twice in the Program feature backlog


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      Issue Summary

      When viewing the features in the Program backlog, you may see features displayed twice/duplicated.

      Steps to Reproduce

      This behavior was not reproduced in our Atlassian lab instance. When this was reproduced the steps were:

      1. Set in the tier 1 filter a:
        1. Program (eg Data Hub (id 9))
        2. Program Increment (eg 2022 T4 Data Hub (id 97))
      2. Go to Programs > Backlog

      Expected Results

      No duplicate features are shown in the backlog view.

      Actual Results

      Duplicates are shown in the list for some of the features (eg with the Id 9025 or Id 6067):

      This is as well affecting Epics.


      When this behavior occurs, update the ranking of some of the features by sorting on one of the columns or moving the duplicated features up or down in the grid.
      This will force the update of the whole list/ranking and remove duplicate entries.

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