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Large quantity of Features causes Roadmap interaction to slow down/hang



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      Issue Summary

      Large quantity (~1500) of Features causes Roadmap page interaction to slow down/hang. 

      The more Features are loaded in, the slower the UI gets.

      The UI is not slow straight away because Features in roadmap get loaded in 25 at a time until they are all loaded in (if the response time for each request is around 1 sec, it takes over a minute to load them all in, all these requests are queued).

      Not all of the UI is affected, and some elements are not slow straight away when all features are loaded in, for example:

      • When opening the side menu it looks fine, then closing it causes the whole browser page to hang - browser is busy in some loop
      • Details panel opens but takes a long time to load field information like PI data
      • Tier1 filter opens but takes a while to load
      • Opening Dropdown menus and scrolling around is fine

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create ~1500-2000 Features and assign them to a PI
      2. Open Roadmap with that Program+PI in tier1 filter
      3. Wait a minute or two for all Features to load in
      4. Interact with the UI:
        • Try opening/closing side menu a few times
        • Try opening tier1 filter
        • Try opening details panel for a Feature and set its PI

      Expected Results

      Side menu, Tier1 filter, and other UI elements that are not directly on the report shouldn't be affected by the report itself, the entire page shouldn't hang.

      Actual Results

      The more features are loaded in the slower the UI becomes.


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available.


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