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Roadmap- Unplanned work does not sort according to backlog rank



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      Issue Summary

      Given a filter to a specific program and specific PI
      On Live Roadmap, the Unplanned work items do not sort by Program Rank

      The planned work does sort as expected to the program rank set in Backlog, only unplanned work in unassigned backlog is affected

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Select in top tier filter one Program and one Program Increment
      2. In backlog, select an item hierarchy (in this example, feature)
      3. Deploy "Unassigned Backlog"
      4. Take note of the rank of items
      5. Go to Roadmap, and set the view as Work>[Item Type selected -eg:Feature] > Program Rank Ascending (Default)
      6. In View Configuration> Unplanned work items tab> Select unplanned work only
      7. Notice the difference of rank between Roadmap and Backlog

      Expected Results

      Sorting method should be consistent and show the rank according to the backlog rank for both planned and unplanned work

      Actual Results

      The backlog rank does not match the Roadmap rank for unassigned/unplanned work
      Active Backlog/ Planned work

      Unplanned/Unassigned work

      Instead, the sorting method seems to be based on the Item ID
      Also, other sorting methods as seen in the sorting dropdown seem to work in unplanned work


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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