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Enterprise Insights : [Idea].[Owner Full Name] field is mapped towards creator instead of owner



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      Issue Summary

      The [Idea].[Owner Full Name] field is mapped towards the creator ID instead of the owner ID.

      • This affects both current_dw and export_dw views.
      • This is reproducible on Data Center:

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. As an Ideation user, create an Idea (eg. alignsupport, Idea ID = 41)
      2. As Ideation Group owner, assign the newly created idea to an owner
      3. Wait for Enterprise Insights to synchronize
      4. Run the following query to retrieve the idea:
          SELECT [Idea ID] 
              ,[Idea Title]
              ,[Idea Description]
              ,[Owner Full Name]
              ,[Date Created]
              ,[External Owner Flag]
              ,[FK User Owner ID]
              ,[FK User External Owner ID]
          FROM [current_dw].[Idea]
          WHERE [Idea ID]=41
      5. Notice the Owner Full Name field will display the name of the user that created the idea, instead of the name of its current owner, misleading the customer.
      6. Notice there's no mention of the creator of the idea, at all.

      UI current_dw export_dw Expected (per UI) Found in
      Enterprise Insights
      Owner Owner Full Name Owner Full Name Enio Marques Rodrigo Cortez
      Created by Creator Full Name * Creator Full Name * Rodrigo Cortez *

      * Items in red were expected, but not found

      Expected Results

      [Idea].[Owner Full Name] and [Idea].[FK User Owner ID] should bring in the owner's full name and ID, respectively.

      Actual Results

      [Idea].[Owner Full Name] and [Idea].[FK User Owner ID] brings the creator's full name and ID.


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available.


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