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Dependency page ignores T1 configuration when logged in via non Super Admin roles


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      Issue Summary

      While filtering the Dependency page(via T1 configuration) by a particular team, It does not show proper results. We see Program dependency and External Dependencies.
      This happens only for users in non-Super Admin roles. Even if you create a new role and give full permissions as a Super Admin role has, you can see the same problem.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a role and give full access to this role. Add a user in this role and login via this user.
      2. Add just 1 team in the T1 configuration(ensure you are a part of this team)
      3. Goto dependency page.

      Expected Results

      You see all the dependencies that your team selected in the T1 config is a part of.

      Actual Results

      Along with the Team dependency that your team chosen in the T1 config is a part of, you also see Program and External dependencies with no relation.


      This problem is only seen for nonsuper admin roles. if you login via a super admin role, you longer can see this problem.

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