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ADO Acceptance Criteria Sync Generating Warning Messages


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      Issue Summary

      Warning messages are being logged for ADO connector whenever it tries to sync the "Acceptance Criteria" field between JA <> ADO.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a feature in Jira Align with no Acceptance Criteria.  Sync it with ADO.
      2. Add acceptance criteria to Align.  Wait for it to sync with ADO.

      Expected Results

      The AC synchronizes and No warning messages are generated.

      Actual Results

      The AC synchronizes and inaccurate warning messages are generated.

      Splunk Logs as a result of issue replication in TEST environment.

      { [-]
         Level: Warning
         MessageTemplate: {WorkItemTypeName} - {Title} (External Id:{ExternalId}). Failed to find field: {TfsField}. A field definition '{TfsField}' in the {WorkItemTypeName} type definition file does not exist.
         Properties: { [-]
           ConnectorId: 24
           CorrelationId: 1673902939
           Customer: Alignsupport
           Direction: FROM Jira Align
           Event: OnElapsedTimer
           ExternalId: 99
           Interval: Normal
           Method: Elapsed_WorkItemTimer
           Product: AgileCraft.Integration.Tfs
           ServiceName: AgileCraft_TFS_Alignsupport
           SourceContext: AgileCraft.Integration.DataAccess.Model.WMSConnector
           TfsField: Acceptance Criteria
           TfsProject: Edvaldo-ADO
           Title: Edvaldo ADO Test Feature - ALIGNSP-13975
           WorkItemTypeName: Feature
           acFeatureId: 10462
         RenderedMessage: "Feature" - "Edvaldo ADO Test Feature - ALIGNSP-13975" (External Id:99). Failed to find field: "Acceptance Criteria". A field definition '"Acceptance Criteria"' in the "Feature" type definition file does not exist.
         Timestamp: 2022-05-09T13:16:08.2411236-04:00



      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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