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Feature UI: Users can add an additional program that is the same as the primary program


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      Issue Summary

      The Feature create/edit UI allows you to specify the same additional program as the primary program.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Prerequisite you need to have the Approach field enable for your Portfolio under Jira Align administration > SETTINGS > Details Panels Settings to support Multi-Program Features.

      1. Create two Programs in your Portfolio (e.g. Program1 and Program2)
      2. Create a Feature and select Program1 as the Primary program field.
      3. Select Multi-Program Feature in the dropdown list of the Approach field
      4. Select Program2 from the dropdown list of the Additional Programs field
      5. Save
      6. Go back to the Primary program and select the Program2 from the dropdown list.
      7. Save

      Expected Results

      Selecting a specific Program from the Primary Program dropdown list should automatically remove the program from the additional programs if it exists there.

      Actual Results

      The program, already part of the Additional Programs field, is not cleared out when selecting it as Primary Program resulting in having the same additional program as the primary program.


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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