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The Roadmap filter is not always retrieving all available items with solution filter in the tier1 configuration


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      Issue Summary

      When you configure tier1 to filter on Solution, not all the items (i.e capabilities) are found by the roadmap filter.
      If there are multiple child programs in the solution, the roadmap filter will only retrieve the items (ie. capabilities) belonging to the first child program.
      The ones belonging to the other child program are not found by the roadmap filtering unless you configure the navigation bar to filter on Portfolio instead.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Solution (Solution1)
      2. Create 2 child programs of the solution (Solution1Child1/Solution1Child2)
      3. Create a Program Increment (Solution1PI) and associate it with the 2 child programs previously created
      4. Created 2 Epics (1 for each child program) and associate them with the Solution1PI
        For example:
        • Solution1Child1Epic1
        • Solution1Child2Epic2
      5. Create 4 capabilities (2 for each child program) and associate them with the Solution1PI. For example:
        • Solution1Child1Capability1 (with parent Solution1Child1Epic1)
        • Solution1Child1Capability2 (with parent Solution1Child1Epic1)
        • Solution1Child2Capability1 (with parent Solution1Child2Epic2)
        • Solution1Child2Capability2 (with parent Solution1Child2Epic2)
      6. Go to Programs > Manager > Roadmaps (with the tier1 configuration set to use filters, Solution: 'Solution1' and Program Increment: 'Solution1PI')
      7. Go to the Roadmap View Configuration > Other Options and toggle on the Group By > Group by Property > Parent settings and apply
      8. Verify that you get the 4 capabilities returned and grouped by the 2 epics.
      9. Click on the Roadmap 'Filter' button to ring the filter panel.
      10. Add the Capability filter and search with the keyword Sol

      Expected Results

      The 4 capabilities are returned allowing to pick any as a filter

      Actual Results

      Only 2 capabilities are returned to choose as a filter.
      The capabilities returned are the ones of the first child program 'Solution1Child1'


      Instead of selecting the Solution: 'Solution1' in the tier1 configuration use the portfolio where 'Solution1' belongs to.

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