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Backlog: intermittent timeouts/log outs when using backlog


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      Issue Summary

      When using the Feature backlog, intermittent timeouts/logouts happen.
      We can see on the DB the below error:

         ASP_function: OOFunctionsSql.SetRSParamsCursor
         error_description: Query timeout expired
         error_id: 49039
         error_number: -2147217871
         error_source: Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0
         log_type: exception
         logfrom_location: Website-ASP
         sql: EXEC RPM_GET_BACKLOG_PAGINATION_DATA '','SET NOCOUNT ON; select distinct GroupID as ProgramID into #tempPrograms from tblIterationReportGroup where GroupID in (606);  DROP TABLE IF EXISTS #tPortfolioRankDisplay;  SELECT RequestID, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY BacklogType, ReleasePortfolioRank, Title) AS PortfolioRank_Display  INTO #tPortfolioRankDisplay  FROM tblRequests where ReleaseID = 247 select * into #features from  ( select 1 AS ItemSortType, RequestID, Rank, FeatureRank, ReleaseRank, tblRequests.ProductID AS ProgramID  from tblRequests  where RequestID > 0   and tblRequests.ProductID in ( select * from #tempPrograms ) And (tblRequests.ReleaseID = 247)  union  select 2 as ItemSortType, t1.RequestID, t2.Rank as P_Rank, t2.FeatureRank as P_FeatureRank, 9999 as ReleaseRank, t2.ProgramID from tblRequests t1 inner join tblRequestMultiProgramRel t2 on t1.RequestID = t2.RequestID where t2.ProgramID in ( select * from #tempPrograms ) and t1.ProductID not in ( select * from #tempPrograms ) and t1.InRecycleBin is null  And 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Select a Program + PI
      2. Go to the backlog

      Expected Results

      The backlog will display the data.

      Actual Results

      The backlog timeout/logs out intermittently.


      Currently, there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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