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Closing a sprint when Create Sprints in Jira Align from Jira is set to No, leaves the sprint in Active state



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      Issue Summary

      If an active sprint is Completed (Closed) in Jira then if the Jira Align setting "Create Sprints in Jira Align from Jira" is set to NO then the sprint in Jira Align will remain Active.

      Checking the details of the sprint using the Jira API does confirm the sprint is closed in Jira

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In Jira,  make sure there is an active sprint in a board this is configured in the Jira Connector in Jira Align. 
      2. In Jira Align make sure that same sprint is showing in Administration > Jira Management > Jira Sprints and that it also shows an Active Status
      3. In Jira Align Go to Administration > Jira Settings > Jira Setup and change the "Create Sprints in Jira Align from Jira" setting to No and Save that change. 
      4. Go to Jira and Complete the active sprint
      5. Check (monitor) the state of the sprint in Jira Align under Administration > Jira Management > Jira Sprints

      Expected Results

      As the action of completing a Jira Sprint is a status update and not a creation, the behaviour in Jira Align for completing the spring in Jira should not be affected by the setting "Create Sprints in Jira Align from Jira" and the sprint should be marked as Closed in Jira Align 

      Actual Results

      The sprint remains Active in Jira  Align even though it can be confirmed as completed in both the Jira Console and Jira API.

      The attached images came from an internal Atlassian test and show the result:

      • JA-SPrintStatus.jpg shows Sprint called "LAR Sprint Dec 2", "LAR Sprint Dec 3" and "LAR Sprint Dec 4" were  all completed in Jira when "Create Sprints in Jira Align from Jira" was set to NO. "LAR Sprint Jan 1" remained active in Jira but all 4 sprints show Active in Jira Align.
      • Jira-SprintStatus.jpg shows the Jira API confirmation of the state of the 4 Sprints at the time. 


      Set "Create Sprints in Jira Align from Jira" to Yes AND use the Jira Integration option to resync the affected Project AND "Issuetype in" the boards for the defined Boards to Sync



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