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Pull Rank from Capabilities to Feature for Program not respecting Parking Lot


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      Issue Summary

      Pulling capabilities ranks don't affect the Feature Rank when there are Capabilities in the Parking Lot.

      Steps to Reproduce

      Login to JA
      Go to Capabilities grid.
      Select a Program in Tier 1 filter and click "Capability Backlog".
      Move one or a few Capabilities in the "Parking Lot" Section.
      Export "Capability Backlog" to Excel
      Switch to the "Feature Backlog" view
      Press "Pull Rank from Capabilities"
      press the "APPLY Ranks" button
      Export "Feature Backlog" to Excel
      Review the excel files and validate that the Features order matches the Capability order (since that is what Pull Rank is supposed to do)

      Expected Results

      The Features order matches the Capabilities order

      Actual Results

      After using the "Pull Rank" (by Capabilities) button, and exporting the features into the excel file, the capabilities are showing not in the same order as in UI


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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