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While updating an existing dependency we are able to select a solution for the "Depends On" drop-down



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      Issue Summary

      If an existing dependency is edited, we are able to add Solutions to the "Depends On" drop-down along with Program and Agile Teams.

      From point 6 and 7 of Create Team Dependencies, it seems that it should list only program and agile teams and not Solutions.

      This behaviour does not happen for Requested by or Depends on when creating a new dependency.

      Impact: The risk for the customer is that dependencies mistakenly assigned to Solutions will not be found in reporting and that no one will, in fact, take ownership of delivering the work item.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Solution Program by navigating into “Administration -> Programs -> Add Program”
      2. Select “Solution=Yes” from the Drop-down to make this is a solution program and complete the steps.
      3. Navigate to “Program -> Dependency”
      4. Click on Add Dependency and fill out the necessary text boxes.
      5. In the “Depends On” textbox, try to search for the Solution Program that was just created, it will not be present.
      6. Save and Close the New Dependency.
      7. Open the just created dependency again and scroll down to the “Depends On” textbox and now search for the solution program, it is now available for selection.

      Expected Results

      Only Program and Agile teams are listed to pick from

      Actual Results

      For an existing Dependency, it is possible to change the Depends on team to a Solution by manually typing the name of the Solution. (not possible to change the Requested by to a Solution)


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


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