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Wrong Default User in Jira Settings breaks Features in Canceled Bin when Canceling from Jira



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      Issue Summary

      When Default User in Jira Settings (Administration → Connectors → Jira Settings → Jira Setup, Custom Fields → Default User) is not set to an existing user ID, Canceling a Synced Feature in Jira hides it in Jira Align instead of putting it in Canceled Bin

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Default User in Jira Settings is not set to an existing user ID
        • The default is SaaSAdmin, set it to a wrong ID or non-ID (for example name)
      2. Have a Feature mapped to Jira Epic
      3. Have Canceled state mapped
      4. Move the Jira Epic to Canceled state on Jira side
      5. Check Canceled Items for Features
        • Selecting the same program or all programs or any other options doesn't find it

      Expected Results

      In Jira Align the Feature should show in Canceled bin, per documentation, and also based on Stories behaviour in same scenario

      Actual Results

      The Feature cannot be found in Canceled bin, Recycle bin, Deleted items report.

      When the Jira Epic is moved back out of canceled state on Jira side, the Feature is reinstated in Jira Align and Audit log continues correctly.

      So it continues to be the same Database item.


      Set the Default User to an existing ID, then reinstate the Feature on Jira Software side and cancel it again.


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