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Work Tree : Health modal does no display "Quality Reason"



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      Issue Summary

      In the Work Tree (EpicDetailReport) page, the HEALTH modal does not display the value of the Quality Reason field

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Browse to the Work Tree page
      2. Clear configuration bar (Tier1)
      3. Click Extra Configs button
      4. Toggle ON Show Health option
      5. Click Apply button
      6. Select Program Increment in the corresponding dropdown
      7. Expand PI and Program buckets
      8. Find an Epic then click on its corresponding Quality icon
      9. In the Quality dropdown, select any color (orange in the example)
      10. In the Reason text field, type in any reason ("Orange Quality" in the example)
      11. Click Save & Close button
      12. Notice the Quality icon changed color to match your saved selections
      13. Mouse over will display (alt-text) the reason text, typed in on step #10
      14. Find the same Epic then click (again) on its corresponding Quality icon
      • Notice the Quality Reason text is not displayed

      Expected Results

      • The Quality Reason text is displayed as is any other reason on the same modal

      Actual Results

      • The Quality Reason text is not displayed


      • Mouse hover the corresponding Quality icon, in the Health group icons, to display Quality Reason:


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