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Objective and Key Result OKR: Description field not editable on Creation


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      Issue Summary

      When creating an OKR after entering a descripton and clicking on save, when you try to edit the description the it shows empty and does not allow to save additional changes, canceling the edit of the field still persists the initial value.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go To Objectives
      2. Click Add Objective - Use the New Experience
      3. Click Create an OKR
      4. Select a Tier: Portfolio
      5. Select A portfolio
      6. Click Create an OKR
      7. Add an Objective Summary
      8. Add a Description and click on Save
      9. Click on the Description text box to change the text

      Expected Results

      The Text entered in the description field should be visible and editable

      Actual Results

      The Text box turn to edit mode but Empty and adding a new text and click on Save does not trigger any action.


      A workaround is to use the Legacy Objective experience

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