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Updating a user via API using PUT or PATCH removes the profile picture


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    • 10.99.0
    • 10.97.0, 10.97.2
    • REST API
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      Issue Summary

      When updating a user using API, the profile picture of this user gets removed.
      This does not affect the UI administration, where the picture remains, only the API

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Select a user to alter details
      2. Impersonate this user and add a profile picture
      3. Via API, update this user ID (any field) via PATCH or PUT
      4. Refresh the impersonated page
      5. Notice the profile picture is removed

      These steps apply when impersonating a user or login as this user as well

      Expected Results

      Profile picture should remain when updating a user

      Actual Results

      Profile picture is dropped when updating the user via API

      Also when this issue occurs, if the user applies a new profile picture, the updated picture will not display outside the user's view ( cannot see the new picture in admin, but will display when the user logs in to his account)


      Currently, updating users via the UI is not affected

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