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Backlog: Tag color are not consistent if there are more than 100 items


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      Issue Summary

      On the backlog, if there are more than 100 items with the same tag, the first 100 will show the TAG with the same color, but from 101 onwards the color will be different (blue or gray).

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Have more than 100 items of one type with the same TAG
      2. Go to the Backlog and scroll until the bottom of the backlog to load more items
      3. See the color of the tag of item 100+

      Expected Results

      Tag colors for any given tag should maintain consistency, especially when viewed on the same page.

      Actual Results

      Item 101+ will have a different color of TAG.


      If you open one item, some of the TAGs will change color, but not all of them.

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