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Backlog: Right click to move to PI should only show PI's that would be available for work item slide out selection of PI's


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      Issue Summary

      On the backlog, when right clicking an work item and selecting Move Program Increment, the list is showing all PIs that exist, and not only the ones that are available.
      This seem to affect Epics and Capabilities.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to the Backlog
      2. Expand the Unassigned Backlog
      3. Right Click one item
      4. Select Move Program Increment

      Expected Results

      System should propose only the PI's that would be proposed in slide out menu on the work item

      Actual Results

      All the PIs are shown


      Open slide out menu and add PI
      *I know this is not ideal and defeats the purpose of using these options for effective PI planning.

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