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ADO Connector: "Default Sync User" is a required field, however documentation implies it can be left unassigned.


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      Issue Summary

      Documentation is incorrect or there is a bug in the ADO Connector create screen.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to https://xyz.jiraalign.com/ManageTFSExternalTool
      2. Click on "Add Connector"
      1. On page 26 of the "ADO Int Guide v10.90 and above" (attached) "From the Default Sync User drop-down menu, select the user name that will be used by default to synchronize the unassigned items in Jira Align. If you don’t select anyone from the list, the item will stay unassigned."

      Expected Results

      Do not have to assign a "default sync user"

      Actual Results

      The "default sync user" is a required field.

      TESTING - all unassigned work items are synced as assigned to the "default sync user"


      Assign a "default sync user" and ignore the documentation.

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