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Epic Backlog: Filtering on PI has no impact to total Story Points for an Epic


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      Issue Summary

      In Epic Backlog: The Story Pts in the Epic are not being calculated based on the PI, but are instead the total of all Features in that Epic overall all PIs regardless of the top navigation filter.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Epic Backlog https://xyz.jiraalign.com/Prioritize
      2. In the top Nav filter on a Portfolio (no PI filter)
      3. View the Story Points for an Epic
      4. Expand the Epic to confirm that the totaled Feature Story Pts equal the Epic Story Pts
      5. Now in the top Nav filter on a PI
      6. Note that the Story Points for an Epic remain the same
      7. Expand the Epic and the Feature Story Pts do not total the Epic Story Pts.

      Expected Results

      If the Top Nav is filtered on a particular PI, then the Epic Story Points should calculate the Feature Story Points for the Features in that Epic for ONLY that PI

      Actual Results

      The Epic Story Points are totalling ALL Feature Story Points for ALL PIs.


      Manual calculation of Feature Story Points.

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