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Azure DevOps (ADO) Connector - synced sprints are all labelled as Type Standard



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      Issue Summary

      Currently all sprints coming into Jira Align from Azure DevOps are labelled as Type Standard Sprints, regardless of whether or not an anchor Sprint is set to an IP-type Sprint

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create anchor sprints in Jira Align, some standard and some IP. Do not Generate Sprints in JA.
      2. In ADO create the equivalent project iterations.
      3. Sync to JA
      4. The IP sprints go into JA as Standard type
      5. The expected workaround to this would be to edit the sprint and change the Type from Standard to IP.
      6. But
      7. Click Save
      8. The prospective IP Sprint prompts for data to be put into the
      9. mandatory Sprint Goal field.
        1. Problem: The Sprint Goal is not determined until the actual
          planning phase.
        2. So the IP sprints can't be modified until the planning phase.
        3. This throws out forecasting, because all the IP sprints are now
          Standard sprints and can't be modified until their planning phase.

      Expected Results

      The connector should recognize IP sprint types accordingly and treat them differently when syncing them in from Azure DevOps. For example, these type of sprints should not be considered in Velocity Calculations.

      Actual Results

      ADO connector does not recognize / treat IP Sprints differently. This means that IP sprints end up getting factored into Velocity Calculations


      1. Create Anchor Sprints in Jira Align. Generate the Team Sprints in Jira Align.
      Sync to ADO
      Sync back to Jira Align
      Type remains as set in Jira Align.

      (Sprint Goal populates with the text "Not Populated")

      2. Create Anchor Sprints in Jira Align.

      Generate the Team Sprints in ADO .

      Sync to JA

      Change the Sprint type in JA and edit the Mandatory Sprint Goal with the text "Not Populated"


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