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Jira Settings: field Request under View logs has a limited size and cut part of longer URLs


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      Issue Summary

      On the View Logs (Under Jira Settings), the field Request has a limited size, what cuts longer URLs making it impossible to grasp what is causing the problem in a glance.
      If you hover the mouse over it (or select the field and right click + Search Google For...) you can see the full path, which is not intuitive at first.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Jira Settings->View Logs-> Jira Api
      2. Look for a call that failed that uses a long URL

      Expected Results

      Product team can advise about this.

      Actual Results

      Longer URLs are cut short, so you can't see their full path.


      Hover the mouse over the URL and it will show the full path
      Select the URL, right click it and look for the "Search Google For..."

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