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Epic/Capability Backlog: Rank ID does not automatically update


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      Issue Summary

      If you go to the Backlog page, and move a Theme or Feature, you will see that it updates the ranking in the UI right away.

      If you try it with an Epic or Capability, it is not updating the ranking in the UI right away. You must refresh the screen to see the correct ranking.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Backlog
      2. Select Epic or Capability (on a program that has it enabled)
      3. Move any item to a new rank
      4. Notice that the ID/ rank number does not automatically update
      5. Refresh the page
      6. Notice that the ranking numbers has updated

      Expected Results

      The number of the new rank when moving items should show straight away, as it does for otherwork items in the backlog

      Actual Results

      The move of rank is effective, however, the number does not update prior to a refresh of the page


      a manual refresh oghte page will update the rank ID with the expected order

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