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Error creating Themes without Program



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      Issue Summary

      When a non-Super Admin user tries to create a Theme work item without selecting a Program, It shows the following error message:
      "You do not have permissions to view this item or the item does not exist. Please check with your team administrator"
      And it is noticed that:

      • The Theme is created, we can capture the Themeid on the HTTP traffic using the browser developer tools.
      • The desired Theme title is no longer available, when trying to create a new one selecting a program
      • The Theme just created is not visible on Themes Grid to any user, even Super Administrator.
      • Super Administrator can access the Theme work item only using the direct URL with the theme ID - example: /themegrid?FirstTime=true&TabID=&ThemeID=173&report=1

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Log into Jira Align with any Non Super Admin, with full permissions on Portfolio - Theme
      2. Go to Portfolio > Themes
      3. Click "Add Theme"
      4. Enter a title and a description, click on save

      Expected Results

      As long as user has "Add Theme" permission toggle enabled, the Theme to be created without an error message and be visible on Theme's grid

      Actual Results

      The Theme is created, making the Title used no longer available, but the record is not visible to any user, including Super Administrators


      No Workaround


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