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Themes: "lastModifiedDate" field is not updated after UI modifications


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      Issue Summary

      Changes made to themes in the user interface do not change the "lastModifiedDate" attribute. (The UI only sets this value at the time of creation.). This attribute can be seen when listed via API. However, the most recent modification date is successfully shown in the Audit Logs.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login to JA
      2. Go to the "Themes" grid and select any theme
      3. Make any change on the selected Theme (eg. in the description ) and press Save
      4. Check if the change can be seen in the Audit Log.
      5. Then list this theme via API:

      Expected Results

      The "lastModifiedDate" attribute is updating when there is a change from UI and its API listing shows the same value that has seen in the Audit Log.

      Actual Results

      The "LastModifiedDate" attribute is NOT updated when there is a change in the user interface and shows a different value than what is shown in the Audit Log.


      Currently, there is no workaround for the UI changes. For 'themes', this field is not updated by UI (set only on create) but, updated after APIv2 PUT / PATCH requests.

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