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Stories created from a template doesn't sync tasks properly with Jira


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      Issue Summary

      When a user creates a Story from a Story of type Template that has child Tasks, the Story will only sync if we save changes to it. Once it syncs, the Tasks will be linked to the Template that originated the Story, creating duplicate records in Jira Align (Template) that links to the same Sub-task in Jira.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Ensure "Enable Task Sync" is set to "Yes"
      2. Create a Story of type "Template"
      3. Add Tasks to the Story of type "Template"
      4. Create a new Story using the "Add from template"
      5. Save the Story and wait for it to sync with Jira

      Expected Results

      The new Story and its tasks syncs and creating new records in Jira

      Actual Results

      The Story only syncs when saved, but the tasks get duplicated in the Story Template linking to the original Jira Sub-task.


      Create a Story of type Template without adding tasks to it.

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