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Program Increment: When Program Increment (PI) is in the Done status Features are missing associated PI


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      Issue Summary

      When setting a Program Increment to done. Then navigating to the feature grid and searching for Features tied to the completed PI. When you open the Feature slideout, the PI is missing users are seeing the "Unassigned backlog" in the PI field. 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Ensure you have Features (Jira Epics) associated with an Active PI
      2. Step 2 - Set active PI to close
      3. Step 3 - Navigate to the Feature Grid and search for Features tied to the completed PI
      4. Step 4 - Click the feature and review the PI field on the slide out the view

      Expected Results

      PI should be consistent between the Grid column shown & the work item slide-out (in this case Feature slide-out)

      Actual Results

      Missing PI


      No known workaround at this time. 

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