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Duplicate users shown in team allocations, sprints, and organizational hierarchy


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      Issue Summary

      When preparing or editing the members assigned to a sprint, users appear multiple times for the same sprint. In some cases, users have more than 3 entries in the same sprint.
      Those users with multiple entries cannot be deleted or removed from the sprint without leveraging the workaround listed below. In some teams, users that are inactive in Jira Align, are allocated and assigned as team members in sprints. Those entries in the image that contains Name are inactive user accounts.

      Additional symptoms include:

      • having duplicate users showing in Teams' team member selection dropdown
      • having duplicate teams showing in user details panel
      • having duplicate users showing in Organizational hierarchy view

      Steps to Reproduce

      SysmemberTeamRole table has two entries for the same user and team id, then someone pushes the button on the member tab that says "Click here to all members from this team into this sprint". Then that user will show up twice in the list AND the user cannot be removed using the dropdown.

      It's possible to accidentally duplicate user team membership/allocation by repeatedly adding and removing users to a team using multiple tabs (rare to reproduce).

      Expected Results

      PM - Will define expected behavior

      Actual Results

      Users are seeing duplicate users on a sprint, teams' user selection dropdown, user details panel, and organizational hierarchy.


      1. Navigate to the user edit slide out in Administration > People, click on a user, and open the Teams tab in the user's slide-out window.
      2. An affected user should have the same team shown multiple times.
      3. It is possible from this screen to disassociate the user from the team, but it has to be done one at a time for each instance of the team.
      4. Search for the team, uncheck the team, click outside the box, click save. Open the dropdown, search for the team, uncheck, click outside the box, save. And so on. Each time, there should be one fewer instance of the user with the team.
      5. When the user is removed from the team completely, then they will also be removed from all of that team's sprints, and can be added again safely, sprint by sprint.

      We understand that this is a tedious workaround but the upside here is that it keeps you in control of your data (you will know which users you are un-assigning from a team so they can be reassigned).

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