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"Program Room" access from Home page feature Tour tile brings a filter error


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      Issue Summary

      The Program room can be accessed from 2 location:

      1. From the left menu:
      2. From the Homepage, on the tour Tiles:

      The access from #1 works as expected, however the link from the homepage in #2, brings an error to the page
      Filter context is the same in both scenarios

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login to Jira Align
      2. Set top tier filter to a portfolio/program/etc and a PI
      3. From the Home screen, scroll down to select "program room" tile
      4. Error message "Not all shared filters could be applied to the page view." comes up.
      5. Click continue.
      6. The pages refresh automatically and bring the error message again.
      7. Refresh the page manually (browser side)- the error disappear

      Expected Results

      Both link should point to the same Program Room safely without error

      Actual Results

      It seems that the URLs that each location point to is not in the right order


      • Refresh the page manually from the browser will trigger the re-ordering of the filter in the url
      • Access the Programm room from the left menu instead of the Home page

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