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[JIRAALIGN-2312] Program Board: Dependency & Feature Aren't Showing Planning Issues For Stories Assigned to Sprints Outside the Date Range Of Target Completion



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      Issue Summary

      Users aren't seeing an expected planning issue if there are stories associated with a dependency & a Feature where the story is being completed outside the date range of the features "target completion date". This planning issue should be visible on the depends on team swimlane view and it is not.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Create a Dependency on Team A that depends on Team B
      2. Step 2 - Set the commit by date (for team B) to fall within the target completion of the parent feature
      3. Step 3 - Create stories for team B to complete the corresponding feature (link these stories to the dependency and the feature.
      4. Step 4 - Ensure that one story is assigned to a sprint within the target completion date for the Feature; Next ensure that the other story is assigned to a sprint outside the target completion.
      5. Step 5 - Run program board report to validate if you see a planning issue.

      Expected Results

      User should always see a planning issue on the team delivering the work that is outside the parent features target completion (Validated this with Kyle B.)

      Actual Results

      Currently were aren't seeing the expected planning issue



      No current workaround for this bug.


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