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ADO: Defects fields don't sync to JA correctly if ADO template not using system fields


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      Issue Summary

      Defects don't sync to Jira Align correctly (missing field values like Program) when an ADO template is not using the system field for Priority.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set up PAT authorization
      2. Customize ADO template to use a non-system field for Priority
      3. Enable defect syncing in the ADO connector
      4. Sync a defect from ADO to Jira Align

      Expected Results

      The defect should sync to Jira Align and the Priority field value should be set to 'Not Set'. An error should also be captured in the connector and audit logs.

      Actual Results

      The defect in Jira Align does not have the correct field values, including the program (which means the defect cannot be found via grids).


      Update the ADO template to use the system field Priority.

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