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[JIRAALIGN-2244] Objectives Tree: 'List View' in "Solution Objective" tab is not showing more than 10 child Program Objectives


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      Issue Summary

      I have 15 program objectives that share the same parent solution objective. I am able to see all 15 child program objectives when I am on the Objective Tree Hierarchy view, however, when I switch to List view, the child program objectives get cut off at 10. I need to be able to see all of my child program objectives' Work Progress status.

      Steps to Reproduce

      0. Login to JA.
      1. Create a solution objective.
      2. Create 11 or more program objectives, with the solution objective which created in step 1 as the parent objective.
      3. Observe Parent/Child objectives in "Objective Tree" page in "Hierarchy View" and note the number of objectives. ( Screenshot: ObjectivesListView-10.jpg)
      4. Switch to "List View" and expand the solution objective to show the child program objectives and note the number of objectives caps out at 10. (Screenshot: ObjectivesListView-20.jpg)

      Expected Results

      To able to see all of the child objectives. (Screenshot: ObjectivesListView-32.jpg)

      Actual Results

      If the screen width & height is able to fit the results, the side scrollbar is not shown. This is not triggering the pagination process to load the next page, so only 10 of the child objectives are listed. (Screenshot: ObjectivesListView-21.jpg)


      By increasing the browser's Zoom values the loading of the next page can be triggered. (picture: ObjectivesListView-31.jpg)

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