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[JIRAALIGN-2225] Status Report: Value Score and Total value score are incorrect


    • Severity 3 - Minor
    • Rockets - Usher 2, Rockets - Usher 8

      Issue Summary

      The Value Score for Epics as well as the total scores are incorrect on the Status Reports page

      The best demonstration of this is on an internal site: https://sa1test.jiraalign.com/

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Log in to the site linked above
      2. Navigate to Status Reports
      3. Click Portfolio
      4. Choose Piikila Portfolio 1
      5. Click Financial View when the report page loads
      6. Look for the Epic title "JP Project A using IRR"
      7. Scroll over until you see the Value Score column. Note the Value Score is listed as 2.
      8. Go to the actual Epic in Jira Align: https://sa1test.jiraalign.com/EpicGrid?FirstTime=True&EpicID=1191
      9. Expand the Epic details to show Full Details and look for Strategic Value Score. Note that it is set to 4:

      Expected Results

      The Status Reports page should also show the Value score as 4 for that epic, AND the totals at the bottom should reflect the correct total.

      Actual Results

      The Value score for the epic is still set to 2.

      Also, the totals at the bottom are incorrect, even with the incorrect value for the Epic in place. There are 6 Epics at 2 points each. The total is set to 9, when it should read 12.


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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