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Story: Jira Project updated in Audit log with blank


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      Issue Summary

      When a Jira Bug is synced to a Jira Align Story of type defect and is updated in Jira Align, the audit log will indicate that the Jira Project is changed even though it's not.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Jira Align - Jira connector is configured.
      2. Add Bug to Story of type defect in Custom Issue Types
      3. Create a Jira Bug and wait for it to sync in Jira Align.
      4. Once synced, open the story of type defect(Jira Bug) in JA and update any fields.
      5. Check the audit logs.

      Expected Results

      Audit log should only indicate what was chaged.

      Actual Results

      Audit log always indicates that the Jira Project is Changed.


      This issue is only on the logging and the Jira Project key is not changed on the backend side.
      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available.

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